As an experienced and loyal COMPANION I have already successfully worked with over 250 people on their athletic and professional path. My one and only mission is to help you live an authentic and happy life that fits your values ​​and goals.

My experience in numbers

> 1
athletes as clients
> 1
years of experience in the sports business
> 1
years of experience working with athletes

I can offer you

Individual life coaching for active or former professional and competitive athletes

Career after career consulting, personal development coaching, lifelong learning coaching, self-management development

Stoicism Coaching

Practical implementations of the Stoic ideas as an athlete, in the business world and in everyday life

You ...

... are or have been an athlete

and are looking for a loyal and experienced partner and friend outside of your athletic environment who will take care of your personal growth and career. I help you to become happier, more successful and more versatile during and after your time as an athlete.

... are currently dissatisfied with your life

and are looking for someone who can be trusted outside of your professional, personal and family environment, who is at your side with concrete advice and action, gives you new inspiration and motivation and shows you perspectives on how you can lead a life that better fits your identity.

... work with athletes as a trainer or manager

and want your protégés & clients to be well looked after outside of the sports environment. You want them to be coached and helped as human beings as well as to be well prepared for their careers after they step back as professional athletes.

... don't fit into a specific category

but you are simply interested in the topics of stoicism, lifelong learning, personal growth, life coaching and / or self-management.

My qualifications as your future companion

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