My books aim to give you tools, ideas or good questions to help you improve your quality of life in areas such as sports & health, finance & business, love & sexuality or philosophy & inner growth.



My personal coaching is based on the ideas and concepts of the Stoic philosophers, who I believe were the best coaches in human history. I will show you how to live a value-oriented life and become 10% happier and more relaxed.

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You can find all my English content on my medium.com page (under my name) and all my German content on fitnessrevolutionaere.de — a platform I created together with Spanish bestselling author Marcos Vázquez.


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Go through life and reach your goals → calmer, more focused, and happier

I will help you with the big questions - such as developing your own personal philosophy of life — as well as with the application of concrete ideas to improve your everyday life as an entrepreneur, athlete, employee, student, mother, father. With me, you will learn to visualize with clarity, act with determination, resist with discipline, and go through life with enthusiasm and gratitude.


As an author, I am a curious generalist, not a dogmatic specialist. My own books and translations aim to give you tools, ideas or good questions to improve your quality of life in areas such as sports & health, finance & business, love & sexuality or philosophy & inner growth. 

My German Podcast „Die Sportfamilie“

What do other people think about me?

“I have known and valued Max for many years. First as a colleague at a leading sports marketing agency, then as a business partner in our crowdfunding company 'KAM on!'. We are not only connected by our passion for racket sports, but also by an interest in the fine nuances of life. It is wonderful to philosophize with Max. His creativity, curiosity and his horizon are impressive and inspiring at the same time. "
Dr. Alex Jan Avedikjan
"I've known Max since my first day on the job and we've been on the same (humor) wave ever since. He has an admirable way of setting priorities and does so in an extremely reliable, calm yet determined manner. He has the courage to make decisions and always has inspiring food for thought thanks to his diverse experience."
Kristina Kamper
“I got to know Max as a sincere, loyal and creative person. He has a lot of experience in looking after competitive and professional athletes and always tries to think holistically instead of just concentrating on a small sub-area."
"Max is a very reliable, humorous and loving person. The collaboration has always been extremely professional and also has been great fun."
"Max creates real problems for me (and others). For example with his strong serve or with his powerful forehand. Why do I do this to myself? Because every minute with him on and off the court is characterized by great honesty, highest respect, selfless down-to-earth attitude, fascinating athletic know-how, philosophical depth and dry humor."
“I have always got to know Max as a reliable and capable companion who is always fun to work with. He is open to new ideas and does not shy away from challenges. So far he has been able to help a lot of athletes to go their own way and to build a successful career after their athletic career."
"If you are looking for a sympathetic and eloquent person for a wide range of consulting topics, you have found the perfect person"
“Working with Max is uncomplicated, enriching and through his big network you meet interesting people with many opportunities. I also really appreciate his strong entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to never stop learning."
"Max listens and asks the right questions. He helps you with his advice without appearing therapeutic or even authoritarian ideological. You are coached without the feeling of being coached. Every conversation with him gets you further."
"I got to know Max as a likeable and extroverted person with an incredibly in-depth knowledge of sport who is always open to new topics. I am very pleased to continue to be in regular contact with him as a valued friend on a wide variety of topics."
"I've known Max for many years now and I really appreciate him as a human being. To be honest, I can't imagine a better friend and business partner. Max is very inquisitive, diverse, intelligent and full of humor. It's always enriching to implement his tips on various topics."
“What I appreciate about Max is that he always had a vision / idea that he pursued purposefully without forgetting to look left or right and listen to opinions. A very open and communicative person without being superficial, who brings his wide-ranging network of contacts and knowledge together for the benefit of a cause in the best possible way - regardless of whether he benefits from it in the first place. Discussions with Max always result in added value, but at least food for thought."


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